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Vlogger v1.4.1 – Professional Video & Tutorials WordPress Theme

Download Vlogger v1.4.1 | Themeforest Premium Responsive Professional Video and Tutorials WordPress Theme

Vlogger v1.4.1 is the perfect Responsive Video WordPress theme for YouTubers, Video Tutorials, Online Courses and video blogs. This is a premium WordPress theme to monetize every type of video content from fun videos to professional tutorials. With the optional Video Importer, you can mass-import entire YouTube channels, complete with thumbnails, contents and tags. For professional gamers there is a special Twitch built-in function: automatically embed twitch videos and create beautiful gaming tutorials. You can also Download previous version of this theme Vlogger v1.4 – Professional Video & Tutorials WordPress Theme. for more information about this WordPress theme please click On Button.

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